Just Connie’s Year #35 : Sister Treats & Hospital Visits

4th February 1997

I slept in my own bed again! Mummy was at work today so Aunty Susan and Aunty Helen looked after me. I went with Daddy later on to see Nana Mags. My cheeks were very red today  – Mummy thinks I might have another ‘peggy’ on the way! I didn’t have a lot of sleep today so I was in bed at 7pm. 

4th February 2017

Mum and Dad went off out to help sort out Nana June’s bedroom this morning whilst she is in hospital so it was me and Sister this morning (Brother was fast asleep in bed!) We decided to go to Morrisons to get some bits for baking tonight. I was a very good girl and picked out a nice cake mixture and then Sister treated me to a new Postman Pat sticker book and some sweeties. The plan was to go to the cafe after doing our shopping but it was so busy Sister said I could pick somewhere else to go. I tried my luck and said Frankie and Benny’s but Sister laughed and said not today! I picked McDonald’s so we went through the drive-through and she bought me a chicken wrap meal – my favourite! This afternoon Mum took me into the hospital to visit Nana June. I was a very good girl and stayed sat on my chair – I was happy that I got to visit her because now I can understand where she is. Hopefully she will be coming out soon! Mum and Dad were off out to Morecambe Golf Club Ball tonight so I stayed in with Sister and Brother. Me and Sister put our aprons on and made the cakes with the mix we bought but by the time they were finished I was shattered and asked to go straight to bed! I love busy days, especially when I get treats from Sister! 


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