Just Connie’s Year #36 : Sunday Cake Testing 

5th February 1997

Ashleigh and Declan were here this morning before school. Mummy fell over Jordan’s bike today and hurt her leg. I had a two and a half hour sleep this afternoon and had a walk to Nana Mags’ at tea time with Daddy.

5th February 2017

Dad and Brother were out early golfing this morning so me and Mum had a bit of a lazy morning laying in her bed and watching television. That was only until I got bored though and I got up to go and see Sister in her bedroom – lucky her! This morning Mum took me to Dunelms to get a new curtain pole and then she dropped me back off at home for Sister to watch me whilst she went out with Aunty Lucy to Nana June’s house. Me and Sister decided to test the cakes we made yesterday so she cut one up for me and put it on my favourite High School Musical plate – they were yummy! I was a really good girl for Sister and had fun relaxing for once and watching YouTube on my iPad. I was meant to have a shower tonight but we forgot! It takes a lot of work and help to get me all nicely showered so Sister and Mum are going to do it tomorrow night … I’m not sure if it is something to look forward too! Showers arent my favourite thing! 


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