Just Connie’s Year #37 : Happy Mondays!

6th February 1997

Megan and Callum were here today  I really enjoy playing with them! Nana June, Grandad Tony and Lucy called in with some shopping but I was asleep. I had a bath – I love them! Grandad Vince and Uncle Brendan came to watch Celtic tonight and Mummy found a new peggy in my mouth!

6th February 2017

I decided this morning that I was ‘no well’. I shouted it for a good twenty minutes so that I woke everyone up and they all knew what I was thinking. Mum knew straight away that I was absolutely fine to go to college so my plan failed! I think I just fancied being lazy! I am glad I went to college because I had a great day trampolining with my friends and then cooking this afternoon.  We were meant to be cooking lovely cheese and onion pies but I decided I didn’t want to make them for some reason so I made tuna pasta! Dad was really happy because he always has my cooking for tea on a Friday night and he said it was delicious! Me and Aunty Susan went to Asda and Dunelms tonight to find her a new bath mat and she treated me to a McDonalds on the way home. I even got to wear my new coat from my cousin Emma! I love it and it is so warm.Happy Mondays!


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