Just Connie’s Year #38 : Fun in the Mud

7th February 1997

It was my 9 month check today here at home. I did well at my check and everything is as it should be. My new tooth came through today as well. We went to Asda shopping this afternoon. I am only allowed 3-4 bottles a day now because Mummy wants me to eat my ‘proper’ food! Ashleigh and Amy slept over tonight.

7th February 2017

I was a lot better behaved this morning and got up with no shouting or telling Mum I am not well. Everyone knew that I had a good day at college when I came home because my shoes and trousers were all muddy! If there is mud involved then I will be having fun! Sister couldn’t believe it when she got me from the taxi – she had to take me to get changed. I went to Warton Woods with college today and then on to Leighton Moss which is a nature reserve. It was a lot muddier than the people at college were expecting but I was really well behaved. They even wrote in my home/school diary that I got a special positive form today for being so good … Mum and Dad were very pleased! I had a quiet night in with Sister because Mum was out at work. I was quite hard work because I wasn’t out and about like I normally am after college – I wanted a lot of Sister’s attention and got mad when I didn’t get it. We stayed friends though (she always forgives me!) and had lots of fun getting ready for bed. We have a routine now where we get me ready for bed first and then I go to her bedroom and sit on her bed whilst she gets ready and we both go downstairs. By the time she was ready today, I wanted to go straight to bed! Noddy got in with me tonight and we watched Mamma Mia. Horse-riding tomorrow and hopefully I won’t get so muddy!



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