Just Connie’s Year #39 : Wakey Wakey!

8th February 1997

I went to Nana June’s today and we went down the high street. It was my cousin Ryan’s birthday today and I went t his party at Burger King. It was good! I went to bed at 7pm, woke up at 3am and then back to bed at 7.15am. Mummy and Daddy were pleased!

8th February 2017

Sister loved me this morning. Mum got me up and dressed nice and early and I went straight across the hallway into Sister’s room to shout ‘Morning Sister!’ and wake her up. I love going across there every morning and have made it into a bit of a routine now … I am not sure she loves it though but it got her up and out of bed! It was horse-riding today at college and I worked really hard but still didn’t get on my horse Solo. When Mum keeps asking me why I don’t get on the horse I just keep saying ‘I no like it’. Mum and Sister went to visit Nana June in hospital this afternoon so Nana Mags got me from the taxi and watched me until Aunty Susan came to pick me up and take me to her house for tea. I came home and was ‘on one’ wanting to play with everything and doing lots of laughing and shouting. I think I wore myself out because as soon as Sister put me into my pyjamas I wanted to go straight to bed!

This picture is of me waking Sister up this morning with a big smile on my face!

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