Just Connie’s Year #40 : Early Morning Surprise!

9th February 1997

Daddy was playing golf with Uncle Martin today so Grandad Tony looked after me while Mum, Nana June and Jordan went to Kendal. Jordan got some new shoes! I went to bed at 8.30pm.

9th February 2017

Mum woke me up early this morning and told me there was a surprise downstairs. I was very excited and followed her down the stairs. I can’t go down the stairs on my own anymore because I can be quite unsteady on my feet so I always follow someone down or have someone watch me. Better to be safe than sorry! I went into the lounge and my cousin Lily was sat there! Her Mum had dropped her off on the way to work so she was going to have breakfast with me and get ready here. I love being with my little cousins (Lily is 9) so it made me so happy this morning! We both had cereal for breakfast and we both played on our iPads before getting ready in my bedroom with Mum helping me. I got picked up for college in my taxi and my Aunty Helen picked Lily up to take her to school at the same time – I was glad I didn’t have to miss any fun with Lily! Today was my last day at college before the two week half term break so I spent it in town shopping with the lady who helps me. Tonight was dance class and me and Chloe (my friend who goes to dance class as well) went to McDonalds with our Mums before dancing which was lots of fun. I was shattered by the time I got home … I have to concentrate very hard when I’m at dancing! Jordan got me into my pyjamas and I asked her to put me straight into bed and to put Mamma Mia on. What a busy day! I don’t even have a lie in tomorrow … I am off to 4Ever Unique! I’ll fill you in about that in tomorrow’s blog post!


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