Just Connie’s Year #41 : 4Ever Unique!

10th February 1997

Mummy was working 11-2 today so Aunty Susan looked after me and Jordan. I had Mummy and Daddy to myself tonight because Jordan has gone to sleep at Ashleigh’s house!

10th February 2017

It was the first day of half term for me today and I was very excited  when Mum told me I was going to spend the day at 4Ever Unique*. We set off early so that I could go and pick my lunch from Sainsbury’s and Mummy dropped me off at 9am. I had a GREAT day! We baked cookies and then went out into Morecambe to look around the shops – one of my favourite things to do! It was so nice to see old friends and the people that work at 4Ever Unique – I don’t get to see them very often now because I am at my college every day. The good news is that Mum has booked me in for more days over my two week half term so I will get to have lots more fun! Straight after Mum picked me up at 3, I went to get my hair washed and straightened like normal. Sister picked me up and took me to get my tea from the chip shop. I love having busy days and it was a perfect start to my half term!

*4Ever Unique is part of the charity my Mum helped to set up. It provides day support for young adults aged 16-25 with disabilities. You can see their Facebook page by clicking here.



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