Just Connie’s Year #42 : Twenty Year Old Photoshoot!

11th February 1997

I went to Michelle’s house today and Aunty Helen picked me up at 10.30. I’ve done well today eating my food. I clapped me hands on my own as well when I was asked too. I had my second photographs taken … Mummy thinks I looked lovely… so did I! I was in bed tonight at 8.30.

11th February 2017

It’s the weekend! Yay! We had a very chilled morning today and I spent most of it playing on my iPad. Dad got me dressed today because he said he would take me out … I think it was to give Mum a break! We went to Morrison’s to get some haggis and then he took me shopping in town. I got to pick where we went for lunch … I chose Café Rastelli because I love to look out of the windows at everyone going past. I came home covered in my lunch!Aunty Helen and Uncle Martin came around for tea tonight. Sister was out at the cinema and Brother went out with his friends to town so it was just me tonight! I had a nice tea with everyone but I was shattered so went to bed early tonight … being on half term is more tiring than being at college sometimes!

Out for lunch with Dad!
My picture from the photo shoot!


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