Just Connie’s Year #43 : One of those Days

12th February 1997

I woke up at 7am today and I had my first ever pancake! It was yummy! We had a quiet day today because Mummy isn’t feeling well with a cold. I tried to be a very good girl today to help Mummy but we will see  how tonight goes …

12th February 2017

It has been a strange day today. Dad went out to the golf club early this morning and Mum went to help Nana come home from hospital and make sure she was okay at home so they were both out for most of the day. Brother went out with his mates last night so he didn’t wake up until 5pm which meant it was me and Sister today. We had a chilled morning having breakfast together and she got me all dressed and washed. We tried to do some filming for my YouTube channel which was lots of fun … I really liked it! Hopefully our video will be out soon! Mum came back this afternoon and took me to Morrison’s to get some bits for Nana so I bought her some lovely flowers. It was chilled night tonight as well but I was quite loud because I hadn’t been out for very long today. I went to bed watching Topsy and Tim … Mum and Sister said hopefully tomorrow will be better and I can be out and about more!


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