Just Connie’s Year #45 : Non Stop on Valentines Day!

14th February 1997

I was a naughty girl again last night! We all got Valentines cards off Daddy today. I went to Morrison’s with Mummy and lost one of my shoes. My teeth are driving me (and everyone else in the house) mad!

14th February 2017

What a busy day I have had today!! Mum needed the day to get work done before she went to look after Nana tonight so I had Sister looking after me all day. We went all over! First trip was Morrison’s (exactly like twenty years ago) to get some petrol and some potatoes for tea. Then we went into town to do some shopping – I think I took Sister into every single shop! 

We spent a good couple of hours wandering around and buying the little bits we need – she treated me to a new Peter Pan book in one of the shops and promised she would read it to me one night this week. It was my decision to pick where we were going for lunch  but I really struggled to make my mind up – there are too many cafes in Lancaster. We ended up going to a place called The Keys on the way back home and had a pub lunch – it was delicious! 

The owners in there were lovely to me and Sister and couldn’t do enough to help us especially when we needed access to use their disabled toilet. I can’t go into normal Ladies toilets because they are often too small and I cannot deal with the noise of hand driers. 

After lunch, Sister took me to a place where I ask to go every day … Halton! We used to live there when we were little and it was where I first went to mainstream primary school. We went to look at our old house then went to the school and ended up at the village shop getting pick’n’mix – my perfect trip out! 

The day didn’t end there for me though! Sister dropped me off The County in Carnforth to meet with Aunty Helen and our friend Angela who was visiting. I love Angela so I was so excited to go and see her! I was quite happy sat with a coke and a packet of crisps until we decided to walk back to Aunty Helen’s and have tea. By the time I got picked up later on I was absolutely shattered! I may not have got any Valentines cards but I definitely had one of the best days ever!!



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