Just Connie’s Year #46 : Normal Days with Mummy, Sister & Me

15th February 1997

I stopped in with Mummy and Jordan today. We went to the Post Office and out to feed the ducks this afternoon. Jordan got stuck in the mud and she cried! I had a lovely sleep! 

15th February 2017 

Today wasn’t half as busy as yesterday … much to my disappointment! Me and Mum took Nana Mags to Aldi to get her food shop and then we all went to Booths for a drink in the cafe. I had an egg sandwich and a bottle of coke. Mum was out until late tonight at Nana June’s so I went to Aunty Susan’s house for tea  like normal – we had tomato and mozzarella pasta. She always treats me to a pudding so this week I chose a Cadbury Flake yoghurt. It turns out that I was too full from tea so I brought it home … it is still in the fridge now. I’m hoping Brother doesn’t eat it! Sister came and picked me up and we drove home with my favourite Little Mix song playing. Mum is out at Nana June’s all day tomorrow so it will be me and Sister all day again – I wonder what fun we will get up too! I love being out and about with Mum and Sister!


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