Just Connie’s Year #47 : Fry Ups & Friends!

16th February 1997

I went out with Mummy, Daddy and Jordan today. We went to Morecambe to the Wacky Warehouse (a soft play centre). We all went to Nana Mags’ house this afternoon and had some tea.

16th February 2017

Another day with Sister today! Mum was out early to go and look after Nana so Sister got us both up and ready early today as well. We had to drop off my friend Harry at Unique Kidz this morning so once that was done we nipped round to Morrison’s to go to the cafe for breakfast. She said I could have anything that I wanted so of course I pointed to the full fry up! It was delicious and I ate everything whilst Sister just had a slice of toast! Afterwards we went to see Nana June whilst Mum was there – I had a packet of crips and was very happy to see Nana June. I have been very quiet today – I think it is because I am missing seeing Mum all the time. I haven’t been the best girl for Sister today … there has been a lot of shouting and getting mad but I am pretty sure we are still friends! Luckily, Mum took me to dance class tonight so I was all happy again. We went to Sainsbury’s for tea with my friend Chloe and her Mum first and I had a great time having fun at dance class. I wonder what tomorrow will bring!


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