Just Connie’s Year #48 : STRIKE!

17th February 1997

It rained all day today and it kept coming in through the french windows – Mummy and Daddy weren’t pleased about it! The good news is that I have been a really good girl for Mummy today! Let’s hope I am tonight…

17th February 2017

Mum told me this morning that Aunty Lucy was going to take me out today … all of a sudden I was very very excited! Sister got me dressed and took me to Nana’s to meet Lucy. Off I went to pick up Uncle Matty and my cousin Lily and then we went bowling! I had so much fun and guess what … I got a strike! (I use the pushing aid but who cares about that!) We went for a KFC afterwards and I ate every single bit of my meal … bowling makes me hungry! Aunty Lucy took me to get my hair washed on the way home and I got sausage and chips from the chip shop like normal. I’ve eaten lots today and had so much fun! I went off to bed a very happy girl. 

Celebrating My Strike!

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