Just Connie’s Year #50 : Budapest Anyone?

19th February 1997

I wasn’t feeling well this morning and Mummy gave me some Calpol. I had a good sleep this afternoon and felt a lot better. I went to bed at 8pm but woke up at 1.30am ‘red hot’. Mummy had to stay up and look after me.

19th February 2017

Once again it was just me and Sister this morning because Dad and Brother were at golf and Mum was up at Nana June’s… I think a routine is forming! I spent the morning lying in Sister’s bed whilst she got ready and then when it was time for me to get up I point blank refused! I hid myself under the duvet and shouted for Sister to come and find me (even though she was stood right beside me!). Eventually she managed to get me out of the bed and into my bedroom to get dressed. Whilst Sister was getting me ready I announced that I wanted to go to Budapest. Where this came from I have no idea and Sister burst into laughter … I have never said ‘Budapest’ before! (Sister thinks it might be because she called me a ‘bloody pest’ when I wouldn’t get up!) But apparently I want to go there so maybe I will in the future – who knows! The rest of the day was pretty relaxed yesterday and Sunday ended in my favourite way – with a roast dinner. Yum!


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