Just Connie’s Year #51 : PIP has arrived!

20th February 1997

I got up at 6am with Daddy this morning and then Mummy got up at 6.30. I’m not feeling too well – I am full of cold! Jordan wrote out her birthday party invitations today. 

20th February 2017

I spent the day at 4Ever Unique with my friends today. We went to post some letters and then out to a cafe – I love days at 4Ever Unique! At home, my PIP letter had arrived. I am having to change from receiving Disability Living Allowance to Personal Independence Payments and it turns out that this means a whole lot of paperwork for Mum! She has filled out hundreds of booklets and questionnaires for me over the years where they ask silly questions about me and expect me to be able to answer them which I can’t. A 40 page book arrived today that Mum has to complete all about me and ‘how my disability affects me’ just so I can receive this new PIP. I wish it was all a lot simpler! We shall keep you posted with how it goes! 


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