Just Connie’s Year #52 : Busy Bees!

21st February 1997

Nana Mags looked after me this morning while Mummy went food shopping. I went off to Grandad Tony this afternoon while Mum took Nana June and Aunty Lucy into town. I cried a lot before I went to bed!

21st February 2017

I had another GREAT day at 4Ever Unique today! Me and my friend Reece had lots of fun and we were so busy all day! We baked a big cake this morning and then played ping pong on the table. This afternoon we all went to Sainsbury’s to do the shopping for the club. We even got to go to the cafe where all the ladies know me and we sat and had a drink watching the world go by. It was so nice to be out having fun with different people to Mum and Sister! (No offence you two!) Tonight was pretty chilled spent getting ready for first day back at college tomorrow – I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and telling them what I’ve been up too over half term … although if they read my blog they will already know! 


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