Just Connie’s Year #53 : Happy Birthday Melissa!

22nd February 1997

I woke up at 4.45 this morning and Mummy had to get up with me for an hour because I kept having nose bleeds. We found out today that nose bleeds make me … a lot. We went to Nana June’s house this afternoon. I was in bed by 7.30pm but had another really bad nose bleed during the night!

22nd February 2017

It’s time to go back to college today! I was excited to go this morning but I was also in a very grumpy mood! Mum had slept at Nana June’s last night so it was Sister getting me ready this morning. I shouted and screamed when she did my hair and was refusing point blank to have my teeth brushed until Dad came upstairs to help Sister. I don’t know where these moods are coming from in the morning but no one is enjoying them! I had a brilliant first day back at college and found out tomorrow I will be starting a hydrotherapy session at the pool to help with my leg strength – I love swimming! 

Tonight Mum took me into town to get a birthday card and present for our family friend Melissa who turned 18 today! I think Mum was pretty stressed today because she left her purse at home! Luckily the people in the bank know me and Mum pretty well so they helped her out! I had a great time choosing her a present with Mum’s help and then we dropped it off on the way home. I am invited to Melissa’s 18th birthday party in a couple of weeks with my family and I can’t wait! As usual it is all I keep asking about! Happy 18th Birthday Melissa!! 


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