Just Connie’s Year #54: Hydrotherapy & New Argos!

23rd February 1997

I went to Wacky Warehouse today at lunch time with Jordan. When we got home we stayed in for the rest of the afternoon. Nana Mags and Grandad Vince came for tea. I went to bed at 7pm but woke up at 2.30am, had a bottle and went back to sleep until 6.40am!

23rd February 2017

It’s good being back at college! Today I started a new session at the hydrotherapy pool – I loved it! I did lots of exercises and dancing in the pool and tried really hard. Tonight it was dancing class with my friends. Mum took me for tea with my friend Chloe again and her mum. We went to Sainsbury’s and got very excited when we got shown the new Argos stand there! The Argos catalogue is one of my all time favourite things so I love a trip to any form of Argos! Seeing new things excites me. Dancing class was really good tonight and it is getting busy – there were 19 of us there last night. It’s so nice to be out socialising with new friends! I went straight to bed when I got home – all this exercising is tiring! 


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