Just Connie’s Year #55 : Happy Birthday Isaac!

24th February 1997

I love playing with all my toys! I sit on the floor wth them all around me. Everyone laughs at me and says that I am a pest! I wonder why?!?

24th February 2017

Mum told me this morning that we were going to Isaac’s 16th birthday party tonight so I was so excited! Isaac’s mum (Denise) set up Unique Kidz & Co with my mum so I am good friends with him and his brother Harry. I came home from college and went to get my hair washed and straightened as normal at The Hair Spa in my village. Mum helped me choose an outfit for the party – I went for my gold sparkly top and black leather skirt with tights and ankle boots. I had so much fun at the party – my friends Sarah, Harry and Ryan were there as well as lots of Isaac’s friends. Mum, Sister and Brother came too.  It took me a while to work up the courage to go on the dance floor but once I was there I wouldn’t get off! I danced all night and had lots of fun – I hope you had a great birthday Isaac! I went straight to bed when I got home … too much dancing! 


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