Just Connie’s Year #56:  A New Shop!

25th February 1997

Nana Mags looked after me today while Mummy went to do her duty at playschool with Jordan. I had a good sleep this afternoon. I love it in my walker and standing up and holding onto Mummy’s hands. I was in bed today for 8pm. 

25th February 2017

There is nothing I love more than a new shop opening up that I can go too. Today the new Home Bargains store in Morecambe opened so I was so excited to go with Mum and Sister. When we got there they were queueing out of the car park! I loved looking round and Mum bought me a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang DVD because it’s my favourite film that I watch all the time downstairs on Sky but I don’t have a copy to watch in bed … now I do! Guess what I am watching tonight! After Home Bargains we went to Asda cafe and had scampi and chips. We did a bit of shopping in Asda to get some bits for Nana June and dropped them off on the way home. Nana Mags came around for tea tonight – it was steak and chips … mmmm! I love days like today! 


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