Just Connie’s Year #57 : Getting up to Mischief! 

26th February 1997

I woke up at 12.30 and 6am … nobody was very happy with me! If someone says “how big” to me, I stretch my arms up above my head. I like it in my walker because I can make it go anywhere. I follow Jordan everywhere and try to do he things she does! She gets mad with me! 

26th February 2017

As normal, Mum got me out of bed this morning and I went straight to see Sister. I am a little bit obsessed with being in her room at the moment – most of the time she doesn’t mind and let’s me be in there but I think sometimes I push my luck! After being in Sister’s room, I ‘disappeared’ for a little while (5 minutes is the most that they risk leaving me for!) and guess where Sister found me …

In Dad’s office doing ‘work’! Sister helped me make a quick exit before anyone else found me in there getting up to mischief! Mum took me into town shopping this afternoon to get birthday cards and then I spent this evening doing the same thing I did twenty years ago … following Sister around and annoying her! It seems like nothing has changed! 


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