Just Connie’s Year # 59 : Pancake Day! 

28th February 1997 

Nana Mags looked after me today from 10.30 – 3.30 because Mummy went shopping and then to a school meeting. I was a good girl for Nana. I fell onto my face today when I stretched forwards … I cried a lot!!

28th February 2017

What a busy evening I had tonight! It was my first trip out with Sally today. Sally is my mums friend and has just started doing direct payments for Mum (Mum can employ people to take me out and do things socially). Tonight me and Sally were just going to go out for tea but I decided on the way out that I wanted to go bowling! Very random request but luckily Sally said that was okay so I had a great time bowling and then we went to KFC for tea. Sally told mum I was a lot of fun and kept her on her toes … typical me! When Sally dropped me off home, Sister asked me if I wanted to make a pancake (with her helping of course) … the answer was a definite yes! But after we had flipped it once I decided I was too bored making pancakes and wanted to go to bed! Bowling and baking is too much all in one day!


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