Just Connie’s Year #61 : Helping Mum Tidy Up

2nd March 1997

I went to my cousin’s christening today – her name is Rebecca Anne Halpin. We went to the Blue Anchor afterwards and Aunty Helen met us there to take me to her house at 5pm for some tea. I stayed awake most of the day today! 

2nd March 2017

It was my hydrotherapy session today at college which is my new favourite thing! I did lots of kicking my legs and stretching my feet – I love it! I was a good girl tonight and helped Mum tidy up by putting some of the food shopping away. I put the things in the cupboard and in the fridge … my hands did slip into the olives to pinch one and I opened up the crisps but I still did a good job! It was time for dancing after that – me and Chloe met up with our mums again for tea at Morrisons and then went to dance class. We did some Bollywood dancing tonight and danced with the twirling ribbons. Bet you can’t guess what I did when I got home … yep you got it! I went straight to my lovely bed! 


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