Just Connie’s Year #62: Oops!

3rd March 1997

I ate a big dish of cauliflower cheese and pasta in mushroom sauce today – Mummy was very surprised! I sat in front of the chair showing indications of pulling myself up! I was a good girl through the night. 

3rd March 2017

I love Fridays – Mum always tells me when it is Friday that when I get home I will have two days off college! I went to Asda today at college to get all the cooking ingriedients for Mondays cooking session. I had my hair washed after college and Mum took me to get sausage and chips for tea from the chip shop. I was a bit naughty tonight – I disappeared upstairs when Mum and Sister thought I was on my chair in the front room. I went straight into Sisters room and emptied all of her cotton make up pads onto the floor and went through her wardrobe. Then I went into the bathroom and pulled her “WASH” sign down from the windowsill. It broke! I tried my best to get away with it by putting it back into the same place but somehow she worked out what had happened … 

Mum and Sister weren’t too happy! I’ve also found a new way of laying on my bed that I keep doing whenever someone wants to get me changed! I do find it hard to get up though!


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