Just Connie’s Year #63 : Dancing All Night Long!

4th March 1997

Nana Mags looked after me while Mummy was at work today and Jordan was at playschool. I had homemade soup for my dinner. I am really enjoying eating “hippo tots” fromage frais’ at the moment! 

4th March 2017

I was completely “on one” today – there are no other words. I was so excited for going out to the Golf Club tonight I couldn’t contain it all day. I asked over and over again what everyone was wearing and who would be there that I nearly tired myself out before we even got there! I wore my black velvet top and leather skirt with tights and my little black boots. What a great night I had! Once the music had started (a man playing a saxophone and singing which I loved!) I didn’t leave the dance floor – even when no one else was on it! As usual I danced with everyone except my family – I loved it and kept bowing as each song finished! It was a lovely night celebrating my Dad’s last event as the Captain of Morecambe Golf Club. I wasn’t in bed until half past midnight … Mum thinks I will have a lie in tomorrow – we shall see! 


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