Just Connie’s Year #66 : Happy Birthday Evie! 

7th March 1997

Jordan was at playschool today and Mummy went into town to look at the pictures I had taken…That left me being looked after by Grandad Tony! I have decided today that I love strawberry fromage frais!

7th March 2017

I was so excited when I came home from college today because I knew we were going to my Aunty Lucy’s house to celebrate my cousin Evie’s birthday! She is 12 today! I wanted to go straight away when I got home but I had to wait until 7pm … I drove everyone mad waiting to go. We had a lovely night singing happy birthday and eating birthday cake. I had a little root in Evie’s room but I was a good girl mostly and stayed sat on the sofa next to Mummy. Everyone knows how much I love birthdays … I get to celebrate again in two days for Sister’s birthday!! What a week! 

P.S. For everyone waiting to hear if I finally got on the horse today it will be in tomorrow’s blog post so make sure you come back! 


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