Just Connie’s Year #67 : Horse Riding Success!

8th March 1997 

Jordan has gone to a party today and Mummy has gone to work. Aunty Helen is looking after me all day so my cousin Emma took me out for a walk. 

8th March 2017 

What a day! I refused to get on the bus to go to horse riding again but then all of a sudden Mum and Sister turned up to take me there themselves! I found it all very amusing but still tried to refuse to go by dropping to the floor so Mum couldn’t move me off my chair! Eventually they got me into the car and off they went. I enjoyed showing them around the stables and found it very funny when they had to put boots and hats on! I showed them the way to the viewing stables and they kept telling me I was going to ride the horse today but I kept saying no. All my friends got on their horses and I clapped for each of them but suddenly it was my turn so I started shouting no! Mum and Sister took me into the arena area with the horses and helped me up onto the blocks. They led a lovely white horse called Billy to me and even though I was still shouting no, got my leg lifter up and over his back before I had even fully realised what was going on. I was on the horse! Everyone was so pleased and I quickly stared to enjoy myself! I held the reins really well and guided Billy with the help of a lady from the stables and a lady from college. I even did trotting! I was very good at shouting ‘woah!’ and ‘walk on’ – I had so much fun and everyone was so pleased! Mum came to help me get off the horse and led me over to the little horse called Solo that I usually pat and walk around when I refuse to ride. I had missed him so I gave him an apple and then said bye to Billy. It was a total success! I went to bed asking where Billy was and if he was with his friends. Let’s see what next week brings and if I can have a good riding lesson without Mum and Sister. Yvonne, my lady who helps me at college, was so happy that I had got on the horse and was having fun that she nearly started crying! I like making people happy and I was more than happy to go back on the bus with my friends to college. I was shattered tonight! Here are some pictures from horse riding and the videos will be posted to my Facebook page! 


One thought on “Just Connie’s Year #67 : Horse Riding Success!

  1. Message for Connie from Billy, Solo and Splash, the ponies at Wrea Green Equitation Centre:
    ” We are so pleased you are now enjoying your horse riding”

    SOLO “I was so proud to watch you ride Splash, did you see me watching you at the mounting block and thankyou for the apple I had after my feet had been trimmed by the Farrier.
    BILLY: ” how did you like my short trot?”
    Splash “well Connie and I did four trots today!!”

    Hope you like your new hoody and cant wait to see you next week x

    All the Instructors and staff send their Love.

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