Just Connie’s Year #68 : Happy Birthday Sister! 

9th March 1997 

Today is Jordans 4th birthday! We all had a lovely day celebrating with her – I bought Jordan a barbie ball and shaking cup!

9th March 2017

Today is Sister’s 24th birthday! I was so excited this morning I went straight to her bedroom to wake her up and shout happy birthday! I went to the hydrotherapy pool today at college but I was very preoccupied all day with the thought of going home to have birthday cake with Sister. I gave her my card and present when I got back. This year I got her a frozen birthday card and a special travelling money box, two little candles and a quote frame – she was very happy! She was even more happy when I started to take money out of mums purse and put it in her money box! I helped Sister open all her presents and cards like normal and then helped Dad light the candles on Sisters cake and we all sang happy birthday to her! Of course I wanted to blow the candles out after Sister did it so Dad relit them all for me. I had to get ready quick after that to go to my dancing class. This week Aunty Susan took me so I was excited to show her my moves and show her around. I came back shattered but wanted to give Sister one last birthday hug before I went to bed. I love birthdays! 


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