Just Connie’s Year #69 : Melissa’s 18th Birthday Party!

10th March 1997

I got up at 7.20am this morning – but I had been up already during the night! I had a late dinner because I fell asleep just before it was ready. I had a bath and then a bowl of Nana’s soup before my bottle and into bed at 7pm. 

10th March 2017

I couldn’t contain my excitement when I got home from having my hair washed and straightened tonight. I knew we were going to celebrate Melissa’s 18th tonight and I was so excited to go there and dance. I got myself so worked up that on the way there I started to wretch and be sick! Jordan had to pull in very quickly and everyone helped to get me out of the car as fast as they could so I could get some fresh air! Eventually I decided to calm down and we carried on … although I was very quiet for quite a while at the party and Mum and Dad thought they would have to take me home. After a packet of crisps and some hog roast though I felt fine and got up dancing! I danced with Melissa, her mum Caroline and her two sisters Nathalie and Lauren and then lots of Melissa’s lovely friends danced with me. We had a great night and I loved seeing everyone there – we got in at half past twelve and I was definitely ready for bed! What a dramatic but fun night! Thank you for inviting me to your party Melissa!


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