Just Connie’s Year #70 : Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

11th March 1997

I had a busy day today! I went to Lancaster with Mummy and down to Do-It-All because we were looking for some shelves for my bedroom. We went to feed the ducks this afternoon and visited Daddy at work to drop him off a cake. Tired out, I was in bed by 6.30! I was awake from 3.15-4am for my bottle. 

11th March 2017

After last nights partying, I had a little lie in this morning! Nothing too extravagant though – at 8am I went over to see Sister in her bedroom and tried to get into her bed with her! We had a quiet morning at home and then this afternoon me and Mum went shopping. We went to Sainsbury’s to get some food for Nana June and to fill our car up with petrol. Before I went upstairs to get ready for bed I had lots of fun making faces in the mirror … I found it all very funny! Sister got me ready for bed tonight and as usual after she got me dressed in my pyjamas we both went to her bedroom and I sat on her bed whilst she put her pyjamas on … I just love being in her room! 


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