Just Connie’s Year #71 : Sunday Chills & Live Streams

12th March 1997

I got up this morning at 6am! I played with Jordan and Megan this morning. I only had a coupe of naps throughout the day and went to bed at 8pm. I wish I could get a grasp of crawling! I keep trying and leaning forward but I just keep falling on my face. I can stand up if someone holds my hands, but I am very wobbly!

12th March 2017

I woke up this morning and, after quickly going in to see Mum, I went straight to Sister’s room and got into her bed. I demanded that she put her television on and I chatted to her for ages to stop her from getting anymore sleep! We had a morning of getting stuff done but I didn’t get dressed until the afternoon. Whilst I was still in my pyjamas, my cousin Ashleigh came around with James and Nana Mags to invite me over for some cake. I went in my pyjamas (luckily Nana lives two doors down!) but I spent most of the time there rooting through Nanas drawers and sitting in the lounge on my own! This afternoon me and Mum went to Dunelms, Matalan and Pets at Home which is always lots of fun! I love trying all the new animal food even though Mum always tries to stop me. I finished my busy weekend having a lovely roast dinner – I ate the lot! Afterwards we put music on and I did lots of dancing … it was streamed live on Facebook – you should go check it out! 


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