Just Connie’s Year #72 : Trampolining Success! 

13th March 1997

I pinched Jordan’s egg sandwiches today at lunch time! I had a really good sleep this afternoon because I woke up last night at 3.30am and got up at 6am so I was shattered. Mummy was pleased! 

13th March 2017

Last Monday I didn’t even get on the bus to go to trampolining and no one knew why so this week everyone has been telling me that it is trampolining today and it will be good fun. I don’t know why I have been refusing to do a lot of things recently … luckily today I was in the mood for trampolining so hopefully my refusals will start to go away now! I loved trampolining – I was the first one to try and get on the trampoline … I didn’t even bother to take my shoes off I was that excited! I did lots of bouncing whilst sat down and had fun using the visual signs around me and playing with he toys. This afternoon at college it was cooking and I made some lovely egg and tomato muffins – everyone at home said they were delicious. Like normal, Aunty Susan picked me up at 4pm today and we went out shopping to Sainsbury’s and called in to see Nana June. I got a McDonalds on my way home – chicken nuggets and chips and I ate the lot! 


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