Just Connie’s Year #73 : Pancakes with Sister!

14th March 1997

I went shopping today with Nana June, Mummy and Jade and had lots of fun. All the fresh air made me tired and I had s good nap this afternoon. Lots of us went to The Funky Forest tonight and I went in the ball pool with Jordan and Amy. 

14th March 2017 

Swimming today! I got to go to a new place today with college – we went to Holgates (a local holiday caravan park) to use their pool and I absolutely loved it. They had three different pools and I enjoyed the jacuzzi the most! This afternoon I went out with Yvonne (the lady who is my one to one most of the time at college) for a walk on the canal and to the shop. I bought some chocolate and the new CBeeBies magazine. I came home to find that Mum was out a a meeting until 6pm, Dad was at work and Brother was golfing so it was just me and Sister in. I wasn’t very happy at all that I wasn’t going out anywhere – I like to be doing things all the time! All of a sudden Sister put some music on very loud and started dancing which took my mind off wanting to go out somewhere because I was laughing at her. She pulled me up and we both danced to One Direction until I said I wanted a pancake. I didn’t think we would make them but she started to get all the stuff out for them! She put an apron on both of us and off we went. I had lots of fun mixing everything up and spreading chocolate spread onto my pancake – by the time Mum came home I was stuffed! 


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