Just Connie’s Year #74 : Horses, Dogs & Sleepless Nights

15th March 1997

I went to Nana June’s today – I fell onto my face and burst my nose! Mummy bought some new shelves for mine and Jordan’s room which should help us keep our toys tidy! Ashleigh and Declan slept over tonight.

15th March 2017

A big day today – it wa horseriding and everyone has wondered all week whether I would go this week and get onto the horse or go back to refusing. Well … good news! I was more than happy to go to horseriding today so Mum and Sister didn’t have to come all that way again! Yvonne helped me onto the horse and before I knew it I was off going round the school – I loved it! I asked to trot twice today and managed to push myself up and stand up as much as I could whilst on the horse. Today I rode a new horse called Bonnie and my favourite little horse Solo watched me again and I got to give him an apple once I had finished! Everyone was so happy at home when they read my diary from college – they all gave me a big round of applause which I always like! Tonight I went to Aunty Susan’s house for tea and two of my favourite dogs were there – Chino and Holly! We took them for a walk after tea so by the time I got home tonight I was definitely ready for bed! I woke up with a start at about 10pm tonight coughing and spluttering – I had a lot of saliva in my mouth and I didn’t know how to get rid of it so I was struggling to breathe. Luckily Sister heard me and came straight across to my room and sat me up so I could swallow properly. I was a bit shocked by the whole thing but managed to get back to sleep … I think everyone was listening very closely to me all through the night to make sure it didn’t happen again! 


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