Just Connie’s Year #76 : Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad!

17th March 1997

I managed to get an okay nights sleep last night – I am trying my best! I love going into our bedroom and rooting about when I’m in my walker! 

17th March 2017 

What a horrible day it was today! Rainy and windy all day – I hate days like today because I don’t get to be out and about as much. Tonight, whilst Mum and Dad went out for a meal for their wedding anniversary, Sister took me to get my hair washed and plaited and then we went to Tesco. I was a very good girl in Tesco as we got shopping for tea and for Nana June. On the way home we went to the chip shop – I wanted sausage and chips for tea and Nana June wanted fish and chips. We went to her house to drop them off with the shopping and I decided to eat my tea with her … I ate every last scrap! Sister took me home and we wrote Mum and Dad’s card and set out their little present, a bottle of Prosecco and a cake – I was very excited for them to get home! We went to pick them up because the weather was so horrible and I rushed to the kitchen to show them their surprise – they loved it! I went to bed a very happy girl 🙂 


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