Just Connie’s Year #77: Connie’s First Seizure

18th March 1997

I am getting quite daring when I’m sat on the floor – I like to stretch out for things and sometimes I fall over! Nana Mags looked after me today whilst Mummy was at work.

18th March 2017 (From Sister’s Perspective)

As she sometimes does, Connie woke up early on Saturday morning and went into Mum and Dad’s bedroom. Whilst lying on their bed, she began to make retching noises and it looked like she was choking. Sitting her up straight away, Mum and Dad tried to get the increasing amount of saliva that was in her mouth to come out so that she was able to breath properly and then Connie’s body went stiff and her face went totally blank and twisted. Her eyes glazed over and it was clear that she was not ‘with us’ in the sense that she couldn’t hear us and didn’t appear to be seeing us. Within seconds, Mum and Dad shouted me to ring an ambulance as we had absolutely no idea what was going on. When I ran into the bedroom to get the phone I could see that half of Connie’s face was twisted upwards. I rang the ambulance and then Dad took over the phone call whilst I went to Connie’s side. All of this happened with 60 seconds. After putting her into the recovery position we could see that Connie was beginning to recognise us but was totally unable to speak or move her mouth that was still half twisted upwards.

Over the next thirty minutes, whilst waiting for the ambulance to arrive, Connie slowly came back to us and regained her movement and some very limited speech back. At about 8am, the ambulance arrived with its lights flashing and Morgan went to let them in – I think we all finally felt a huge amount of relief that people were here that knew what they were doing. The paramedics sat Connie up and began to ask us questions about her while they were checking her over. It was clear that whatever had just happened was over but Connie wasn’t back to normal. They checked her blood sugar levels, her pulse, her blood pressure and then did an ECG on her heart. Connie’s speech was slowly returning and we were all amazed with how good she was being with these new men in the room doing all the things she was asked to do. After about half an hour in the bedroom, Connie was moved into the ambulance to be taken to the hospital with what the paramedics had told us they assumed it to be either an epileptic fit/seizure or a mini-stroke. She walked by herself with Mum and Dad at her side. It was time for her first trip in an ambulance.

Mum went in the ambulance with her (fully dressed in her pyjamas and slippers like Connie!) and Dad followed in the car ten minutes later after having a shower and getting some things together. Connie laid on the bed in the ambulance and the driver put The Bay radio on for her after asking if she liked music. The first thing they did at the hospital was take her blood. Connie has had her blood taken before and it has always been quite a traumatic thing for her – they always struggle to find a vein that they can get access to and they usually end up having to take it from her feet instead of her arm. Amazingly, Connie had a prominent vein on her right forearm and the doctors decided to try and put a cannula into it just in case they needed more blood later on. It worked first time and they managed to take some of her blood for testing. They also decided to give her a CT scan to see if there was anything showing on her brain. She took everything in her stride, with Mum and Dad at her side the whole way, and tried her very best to stay still like Mum told her too when she was getting scanned. (Meanwhile at home, Morgan and I were doing all we could to take our minds off it and waiting for news!)

Connie came home from hospital in the early afternoon, stopping off at KFC on her way back. The scan had shown nothing abnormal at that point but she may get called for an MRI scan later this week. Other than that, there were no explanations for yesterday.

Connie spent the rest of the day in her pyjamas wandering about the house whilst we tried to encourage her to have a snooze and take it east … not that she really listened to us! Connie’s speech still seems to not be quite at the level that it was before the seizure and we are noticing more jerky movements and strange facial expressions but it is impossible to know if that is because of the seizure or if they have been happening for ages but we are seeing them now because we are looking so hard for them.

Who knows what is going to happen next. For now, the house feels very anxious as we are on high alert watching Connie’s every move. She is sleeping with Mum in their bedroom and Dad is sleeping in Connie’s bed so that she is watched at night just in case. We are to ring at 8am on Monday morning to speak to the neurologist and we will probably be going to see him this week.

Thank you all for the messages on our Just Connie Facebook page yesterday – Connie smiled every time that we told her someone was asking for her. As always, we will keep all our readers updated as we start off on this new unexpected and uncertain chapter of Connie’s life.



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