Just Connie’s Year #78 : Processing Yesterday 

19th March 1997

Grandad Tony was here today while Mummy took Jordan for two injections. I had a good sleep outside this afternoon – it was really warm. I keep pulling all the things out of my changing bag and eating wipes! I was in bed by 7pm. 

19th March 2017 (From Sister’s Perspective) 

It’s fair to say that everyone was on edge today. Connie slept in Mum’s bed with Mum last night so that she had someone with her in case anything happened. Connie slept for most of the night whilst Mum hardly got any sleep for watching her. She seemed to do a lot of jerky movements while sleeping – again we don’t know if these have been happening for a long time or if they have just started because we haven’t been looking for them before. 

Connie’s morning was a quiet one being watched like a hawk by us all. Her speech did still appear to be quite slow and her movements were jerky at times but on the whole she seemed okay and was chatting to us all. Nothing much has changed with what she wants to do because she was desperate all day to go into town shopping (which is what she was meant to have done yesterday). So I got her dressed and ready and off she went with Mum. Shopping went fine and Connie had her lunch or at Vincenzo’s cafe and bought a Red Nose Day top to wear on Friday. She came home and we all settled down to a cosy night in. Late afternoon she became really tired and we tried to encourage her to have a sleep on the sofa but she wasn’t interested. She went to bed with Dad at about 8.30pm and then Mum took over watching her at 10pm. 

We have all been thinking about things a lot today and have remembered some things that have happened recently that we think may have been little warning signs or even little mini seizures. About two weeks ago, whilst Mum was away caring for Nana June, I got Connie up out of bed and she looked totally absent in her face. Every time she tried to speak she made an usual facial expression and her speech stopped until she managed to get control of her face again and then continued speaking like normal. Dad and I both saw her do it on this particular morning but without thinking things through we put it down to her new medicine. It was only on Saturday morning when I saw her pulling the exact same face after her seizure that I put two and two together. Last week I also went across to her room because I thought I heard her choking – we posted it on the blog last week. When I got to her she had a lot of saliva in her mouth but after I laid her on her side she managed to get rid of it and get control of her breathing. Little things like this are making us think that this might not be a one off but we will have to wait and see what tomorrow brings when Mum phones the consultant. For now, she seems more like herself and has started running rings around us all again! 


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