Just Connie’s Year #80 : Back to College! 

21st March 1997

I woke up at 4am this morning, had a quick bottle and then went straight back to sleep. Mummy took me out shopping with her this morning and then to Grandad Tony’s house. I’ve had a busy day that I finished by nearly choking on a fudge wrapper! 

21st March 2017 (Connie’s Perspective)

I woke up this morning and Mum got me straight out of bed to make sure that I didn’t laze about and make my eyes go funny again. I was excited to go back to college today – I missed everyone yesterday and missed being able to have a busy day. I had my medication this morning and Mum told me I was a good girl for taking it so well. Today at college I went swimming to Holgates where they have three pools including a jacuzzi! I spent a little bit of time in the jacuzzi today but I loved being in the big pool and kicking my legs about making splashes! I came home tonight and everyone was glad to see me – I think they had been worrying about me all day. Me and Mum went to Sainsbury’s after tea and then I came home and went to bed. I’m very tired a lot of the time these days so I was happy to go to my bed – especially when Mum set the two iPads up again so she could watch and hear me. I like to be able to see her as well! I am still sleeping with Mum at the moment so until she came to sleep I had the whole kingsize bed to myself! 


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