Just Connie’s Year #81 : Shattered But Smiling

22nd March 1997

I slept well until 2am, had a bottle and went back into my cot until 6am when I cried for Mummy because my nappy had leaked! I had another busy day today and went to Asda. I am sleeping at Aunty Susan’s tonight!

22nd March 2017

I had another brilliant session at horseriding today! I held the reins properly and wanted to do a lot of trotting – everyone was very happy with me! I rode Bonnie again today but gave Solo the apple afterwards – he is definitely my favourite! This afternoon I did a dance class at college that had lots of stretching and playing with the parachute. I came home absolutely shattered! Sister was looking after me and I think she could tell straight away that I was really tired because I went very pale and into a trance-like state. Aunty Susan came to pick me up like normal on a Wednesday to go to her house for tea but because I was so tired I wasn’t keen on going. Luckily Mum said that if I just went for my nice tea then Dad would come and pick me up afterwards instead of waiting for her to come and get my later – I was very happy with that! I had a lovely tea of spaghetti bake with Aunty Susan and Declan and Dad came to pick me up at 7pm. I was tired when I got home so I chilled with Sister for an hour and then asked to go to bed. I was so happy to get in there tonight! Sister set the iPads up again but tonight I used it as more of a radio service to tell them the things I wanted from downstairs! They all found it very funny! 


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