Just Connie’s Year # 82 : Upto Mischief at Nana Mags’ ! 

23rd March 1997

I went to bed at 7pm and got up at 6am this morning so Mummy was pleased. I got a cotton wool ball stuck in my mouth today! I went to the swings with Mummy, Dadsy and Jordan – it was great fun! I’ve been trying so hard to crawl today as well … I’ll be tired tonight! 

23rd March 2017

I went into town to go to the shops today with college. I bought Mum a present for Mothers Day which Sister is looking after for me until Sunday. I came home and I was a lot less tired than I was yesterday – I think it’s because I didn’t have any sport today. Sometimes I just need a rest! Me and Sister walked round to Nana Mags’ house after college and I was in my element! I love to go through Nana’s drawers and find her scarves and bags. I normally manage to come home with something! Today didn’t disappoint either! Sister even came to find me at one point and I was stood in Nana’s shower! Tonight Aunty Susan took me out for my tea and to dance class. We went to McDonalds which was very busy and then to dance. I had a great time and even spent the break sat with my friends instead of sitting with Aunty Susan and the other parents and carers. It’s Red Nose Day tomorrow and I can’t wait to wear my new top! 


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