Just Connie’s Year #83 : Red Nose Day Fun!

24th March 1997

I tried to go back to my routine today. I woke for my bottle at 4.30 and woke up properly at my normal time of 7. I had a good nap as well this morning for an hour. Mummy puts me in my big pram in the afternoon and I have a sleep in the fresh air. I enjoy sitting in Jordan’s bedroom looking at her playing and trying to join in! 

24th March 2017

It doesn’t seem like much has changed – my favourite thing to do at the moment is to sit in Sisters bedroom on her bed and watch her do her hair and make up … and I try to join in! Today at college I went all done up in my Red Nose Day outfit complete with Red Nose, T-Shirt and deeley boppers! We went shopping for cookery class on Monday. College had to ring home and speak to Sister today because my neck has been sore again. This happened last week for a few days before I had my seizure so they wanted to let home know in case the two were linked. They gave me some calpol and I had a massage. When I got home it didn’t seem to be hurting me still. Sister took me to get my hair done again this week and she sat and watched whilst I got it washed, dried and straightened. Afterwards, we both walked down to the chip shop to get mine and Nana June’s tea – it was nice to be in the fresh air! I ate my tea at Nana’s house and then came home to watch Comic Relief. I had worn my special Red Nose Day top all day but when Dad of my pyjamas on I wanted it on still so I wore it over my pyjama top! I love watching Comic Relief and kept telling everyone that my college would be on the telly soon … I don’t know where I got that idea from though because they weren’t on! Hope you all enjoyed Red Nose Day! 


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