Just Connie’s Year #84 : Standard Saturday! 

25th March 1997

Mummy was at work today so Nana Mags came to look after me and then I went for a walk in my big pram with Aunty Helen. I didn’t eat much today and was in bed at 7.30pm after my 5.30am start this morning! Oops!

25th March 1997

Dad took me out this morning to pick up his shoes from Morecambe and he treated me to a KFC on the way home – one of my favourites! By the time we got back, Mum was ready so I was back off out again and we seemed to go everywhere! We went to Morecambe and Lancaster and everywhere in between! Sister made us all tea tonight and we had it whilst watching Ant and Dec on telly – it was gammon and chips and I ate every scrap! I went to bed at 8.30pm tonight with the iPads all set up so Mum could watch me. I’m still taking my medicine in the mornings and before I go to bed like a good girl so everyone is pleased with me. Mum said that we lose an hour in bed tomorrow morning … I hope not because I LOVE being in bed with pillow and Goofy at the moment! (Even though they get me up the minute I wake up now because I’m very distant and extremely quiet in a morning now)


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