Just Connie’s Year #85 : Happy Mothers Day! 

26th March 1997

I woke up at 2am this morning and went back to bed until 6.30. I had porridge for breakfast and baxters soup for dinner. I had a good sleep this afternoon as well! Today was a very special day! I rolled over from my back onto my tummy for the first time! Everyone clapped and cheered for me! I went to bed at 7pm but was awake again between 2 and 3am … I wonder why no one wanted to play?! 

26th March 2017

Happy Mothers Day! It took me a long time to wake up properly this morning and I was doing the same things with my speech that I did after my seizure last week. I kept going absent and stopping in the middle of what I was saying – I think it worried everyone a little bit but after about an hour I seemed to go back to ‘normal’. We were up early this morning to go to Deepdale in Preston shopping – I went with Mum, Sister and Nana Mags. We got there before the shops even opened so we had a coffee in Costa first … well everyone else did – I had a two crumpets and a bottle of Pepsi! I was a very good girl whilst everyone was shopping so Mum treated me to a wrap and a big bag of crisps for the way home. This afternoon I went to Nana June’s because all the girls in the family were going to surprise her with afternoon tea and a few games of bingo. I loved it and Nana was very surprised! After a slight drama when I started to choke because I had put too many crisps in my mouth, everyone had lots of fun eating all the sandwiches, cakes and scones. Nana was the only person not to win at bingo! It was a lovely day and I was shattered by the end of it. Last week at college before the Easter holidays!


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