Just Connie’s Year #86 : On-the-Go Monday! 

27th March 1997

I ate a big bowl of muesli this morning. Callum and Megan came to our house today to play with me and Jordan. Nana June and Grandad Tony came around to see us this afternoon as well. 

27th March 2017

I was a bit of a lazy bum this morning! I wanted to stay in bed a lot longer but Mum got me up and dressed ready for college. I had my special medicine after my breakfast and then Sister did my hair for me. It was trampolining today at college and I was the first one onto the trampoline – I didn’t even stop to take my shoes off! I love it! I came home but was only home for a couple of hours, which was spent looking in the Argos catalogue, before Sally (my mums friend and my dance teacher) came to take me out. On a Monday, a lot of my friends go for tea at a local pub so Sally took me tonight to see them – they had music on so we were all dancing! I like being out with my friends – I think this is like what Sister and Brother do. I came home and Mum and Sister for me ready for bed together – one put my pyjamas on and the other put my bed mat and sheet onto the bed so it was ready for me to get in. They seem to do a lot of things for me! 🙂 


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