Just Connie’s Year #87 : The Jacuzzi was Broken ! 

28th March 1997

I went to Nana June’s to see Uncle Ian today. He gave me a set of chocolate Easter bunnies – I seem to have a lot of eggs and several pairs of new socks! It’s Good Friday today! I was very tired his afternoon and had a sleep on Grandads knee and was a good girl in bed by 7pm. 

28th March 2017

I was in a very good mood this morning when I woke up! I think it’s because I was excited to go swimming at Holgates today. I did lots of good swimming and exercising at college. The jacuzzi wasn’t working today which I was very sad about but I did lots of good kicking! When we got back to college I asked to go on the bike – I was on it for 15 minutes … I think I like exercising at the moment! I came home and Sister got me out of the taxi because Mum was busy working so I was a very good girl and sat with Sister for an hour (driving her mad!) whilst Mum finished. Mum took me out shopping later on and I had my tea at Sainsbury’s. We popped in to see Nana June and then headed home … I am definitely ready for break at the end of this week! 


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