Just Connie’s Year #88 : FussPot!

29th March 1997

This morning wasn’t very good. I have quite a sore bottom and I sat and pulled lots of wipes out of the box. Mummy wasn’t very pleased! I’m trying very hard to crawl. I went to Nana June’s today because Mummy was at work. 

29th March 2017

Horseriding today! I wasn’t quite as enthusiastic as last week but I still got on Bonnie and did some trotting. I answered all of the questions and I held my reins properly the whole time – they were very pleased with me. I still had to have Solo in the school before I even thought of getting on Bonnie … what a diva!This afternoon I had a pamper session at college. I had my feet massaged, nails painted and my hair done in a French plait … it was lovely and so relaxing! Aunty Susan came to pick me up tonight to take me to her house for tea. We had cottage pie and I helped look after the two little doggies she had in. Mum came to pick me up later on and then Sister got me all ready for bed. We spilt a little bit of my medicine tonight so Sister had to clear it all up and change me because I decided that I couldn’t go to sleep with a little drop of medicine on my top! I can be quite fussy when I want to be! 


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