Just Connie’s Year #89 : What Do People See? 

30th March 2017 

Last day at college today! I had a great morning at the hydrotherapy pool doing lots of exercises in the pool. I came home with an Easter egg from my taxi escort lady and a box of Ferraro Rocher from my taxi driver – Sister was very jealous! I had to go to the doctors with Mum tonight to get my pills sorted and then we went to meet my friend Chloe and her mum Rona at McDonalds for tea before dance class. I sat facing out of the window watching all the cars pull up for the drive-thru. It soon became obvious to Mum that people were looking in at me and not knowing what to do. A couple of cars of young lads pulled up and I sat and smiled at them like I do to absolutely everyone – their faces were a picture! On the outside I look “normal” so to them all they saw was a girl eating McDonalds. Then a couple pulled up and I waved at them – they just looked away embarrassed and not knowing what to do. I wonder what people think when they see me? I just like to be friendly. I joined in with most of dance class tonight but I think I was tired – at least I’m not at college tomorrow! Sister goes to Edinburgh for a night tomorrow so I think I’ll go and take her to the train station with Mum – why not!


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