Just Connie’s Year #90 : Friday Fun with Mum 

31st March 1997

I slept until 6.45am this morning. I was very funny when I was sat on Mummy’s bed. I kept moving my head from side to side and looking very cheeky. We went to Blackpool today and had such a good time! We had tea out as well at The Blue Anchor – I was tired out when I got home and went straight to bed. 

31st March 2017

First day of the Easter holidays for me! It started by taking Sister to the train station with Mum. I was a quite wobbly this morning and seemed quite slow in my speech as though it was taking me longer to properly wake up so Mum had to help me down the stairs step by step. We dropped Sister off at 8.30am then me and Mum came back to get dressed properly. We went shopping to town to get Mum some last minute bits for her holiday. She goes on holiday in the morning to Spain with Dad, Uncle Martin and Aunty Helen so Sister is in charge for the week! I don’t like it when they go away at all! Mum took me to get my hair washed and straightened then we got tea from the chip shop and ate it wait Nana June and Grandad Tony. Sister comes back home from Edinburgh tomorrow so I’m looking forward to seeing her but I’m not looking forward to Mum and Dad not being here! 


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