Just Connie’s Year #91 : Where Have Mum & Dad Gone?

1st April 1997

I was naughty again in the night. I woke up at 2am and didn’t go back to sleep until gone 3. Mummy was at work today so Aunty Helen and Aunty Susan looked after me today. I watched Daddy cut the grass tonight and had a big dish of Nana Mags’ homemade soup for tea – its lovely! 

1st April 2017

I woke up this morning and Mum and Dad had gone! Aunty Susan was laying next to me and said that Mum and Dad had gone on holiday to Spain for the week like they had told me. Sister isn’t back from Edinburgh until tonight so Aunty Susan is looking after me this morning and I’m going out with Aunty Lucy this afternoon. 

After getting up and having my meds, me and Aunty Susan went back to her house so that I could help with the dogs. We went on a dog walk and then picked up lunch from the chip shop before going to Aunty Lucy’s house. 

Me and Aunty Lucy went out shopping for the whole afternoon – it was great! We went to Morecambe and got some bits for Nana and then headed into town to pick Sister up from the train station – I was so so so excited! 

When we got home, Sister made us fish and chips for tea and we both had an early night – I was shattered from my busy day and she was tired after her night out! I’m still asking a lot of questions about Mum and Dad though! 


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