Just Connie’s Year #92 : Shopping, Arcades & Markets! 

2nd April 1997

I was up again for an got in the night! I had a sleep for over an hour this morning though. We had a chilled day today and didn’t do much. I spent most of it playing around the house!

2nd April 2017

I woke up this morning asking a lot of questions about Mum and Dad and when they are going to be home. I think it’s going to be a long week! I was very unsteady this morning and struggled with speaking for a while but after about an hour I seemed okay. Me and Sister decided to go to Morrisons this morning to get some shopping – she let me be in charge of the trolley but she had to help me steer! After shopping we went along the seafront to the arcades and then to Subway for my lunch. I ate every single scrap of my sandwich! We then went to the markets and bought some penny sweets that I ate on the way home. I’m always shattered after going out now so I was in bed my 8pm tonight! (After asking a million questions about Mum and Dad again!) 


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